Re: Curious Case of British Politics

I don’t get a chance to follow every angle of international politics or events
though I manage the minimum. Still, this article caught my eye.

I can see the merit of the ideas expressed here and will be reading up more about Abbott herself. Click on the “Misogynoir” poster to continue to the article.

by Maya Goodfellow On Wednesday, political journalist for Channel 4 News Michael Crick decided to share on Twitter an excerpt from a conversation he supposedly had with a London cabbie: “You couldn’t vote for that Corbyn, could you? Not for anyone that’s messed around with that Diane Abbott.” Crick’s choice to cherry-pick this specific quote and […]

via Michael Crick’s Diane Abbott tweet is unacceptable but it isn’t particularly surprising — Media Diversified


Let’s do an experiment.


From now til December, let’s do the above and blog about what the results.



Okay, let’s explore: How our bodies transform, if we eat like we love ourselves. What we will attract if we move like we love ourselves. How people will respond to us if we speak as if we love ourselves in as many situations as we can manage. How people will react to us in general, if we act like we love ourselves.


Except for the ultra and supremely self accepting – what do you think that is going to look like? If you have body, aging, confidence, or performance issues? How do you think your life might change if you add loving what you bring and how you’re bringing it?

I mean what if we change the context of what we’re doing?  To loving every meal we eat?To loving our own unique brand of loving, loving our tastes, our expression, our dress, our carriage, loving our voice or our silence? Gifts or lack of them? To loving exactly what we are, as is, exceedingly.

So, notice where there is a lack of love for yourself, re-imagine the experience of that on the spot, watch what unfolds as you do, take count of the results. Record somehow. Continue on. Notice the next inner lip curling or sneer at yourself when you stumble onto something you don’t care for (again).

Now repeat.






One Woman vs. 300 Nazis

WordPress this is my favorite person of the year.

Please feel free to mirror this video and if you’d like more details about who this magnificent human being is? Please see here.

Now tell me this isn’t the most Badass 42 year old you’ve seen so far?

(Eh hem, this year?)



Re: Spirit Gives Clues (Signs).

“When you see that things are not working out, don’t insist that they do! Back up! Detach! Take some time to assess the situation. There is no need to rush, push or stress yourself out.” – Iyanla Vanzant Photo & text credit:

via Take time to asses the situation! — Purplerays

When The Camera Loves Performer

It won’t obscure, obstruct, or observe from a cool distance. Instead, it might interact, celebrate and flow with them.

I simply loved this performance (Les Twins), but I also love the camera work.

You can tell this camera person and director really like these two. And when shooting dancers, that should be there.

Awww they love each other.


Real life twins by the way.

Online Dating (I dunno…)

Since the death of my mom, I’ve been trying to do a few things differently. I really got while she was in the hospital and we were (all) fighting for her wellness, that I oughta have my own shoulder to cry on sometimes.

Yes, maybe a relationship.

So about 2 months ago I started trying to date, online. IIIIIII dunno. This is my account so far.