…who holds love firm in hand!



“Even if the whole world were gripped by sadness
He would not be sad who holds love firm in hand.

And if love makes him dance even a little,
there are worlds and worlds within that little hand…”
– Rumi

Photo & text credit: “Beyond beloved” https://www.facebook.com/Beyond-beloved-238324546345229/

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Woman behind Archaic Sugar

Not much of a picture taking person. My story is – life has been tough and I may look like it. So who wants to document THAT?

However, I am becoming aware of the need to have a headshot and my friend Jessica (bottom), is a photographer. So I decided to jump and get one.

Ironically a few others from my from ILP class (Landmark worldwide) did too, and at the same time.

*Fun photo afterward. (I’m the one with the whacky hair)*

*A capture I really liked.*


The hostess/photographer we worked with tonight.

5 Benefits Of Being A Photographer

Extraordinary post that could apply to filmmaking & writing, as well. #photography



There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.

Ansel Adams

Now a day’s digital photography thrust into the social media dramatically. From time to time we can see newbies  coming into this profession.

Roots of photography started back then around 1800, when Thomas Wedgwood made the first impression on the ground of photography, till than photography is making a big impact on people’s life.

Do you know that Mumbai-based photojournalist Dilish Parekh has a collection of 4425 antique cameras? He has collected them since 1977, and his oldest camera dates back 1907, he holds the Guinness book of world record for that.

As his own words, he said that “Cameras are my life, I can’t stay without them.”

If you ask a photographer for the benefits of photography he may count you up to hundreds maybe even more.

Photography has so many positive effects on…

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When someone moves you to physical gestures, and words you wouldn’t dare speak fall out. When every expression is heard, every movement felt, even before you look. Their every emotion, inhaled. Their every suggestion considered.

When their presence makes your day, or week, or month.

And you can’t will it away, erase, or run from the oncoming urge to touch, draw near, or stare at what takes over better judgement.

Better judgement, so brilliant and right, yet so helpless. In these times, you’re advised to find another country to remove yourself to.